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Philodendron Brasil ~ Live Plant

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Philodendron Brasil ~ Live Plant

AKA Philodendron Hederaceum

Brasils come from the Philodendron species and though it looks much similar to a Hanging Pothos, they are quite different care-wise. Let your Brasil hang high so that it will get long and luxurious. They prefer indirect light and only needs a water every two weeks, or when the soil is dry to the touch. A wonderful beginner plant for someone with a weary green thumb. A Brasil will talk to you when they're thirsty as her leaves will start to look sad. 

Available in 4", 6" and 8" (Width) Sizes, Variegated and non-variegated

Sway Kween Recommended Care: Medium, Indirect Light, Water approximately every 10- 14 Days

*Be Cautious! This plant is Toxic to Cats and Dogs, so use your best judgement if this is the right plant for you! We have other non toxic plant options as well.