20th Century Family Noire Black Chinese Porcelain Planter With Goldfish + Phoenix Birds

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Early 20th Century Family Noire Black Chinese Porcelain Planters With Goldfish + Phoenix Birds

 A rare Chinese Famille Noire ceramic planters 

Hand painted body in vibrant & colorful raised enamel work

A pair of exotic Phoenix birds dominate amongst chrysanthemums and peonies on one side with long tails that wrap around the back of the body of the planter to the back with two small white birds fluttering around
The trees are traditional Chinese style, as are the rocks and landscape

Five expressionable orange goldfish swim amongst the green pond weed & lily pads inside the planters

Vibrant orange, electric blue and dazzling green make this planter a fabulous statement piece

Found in Palm Beach


18”H X 22"W