MYSTERY ~ Floral Bath Bomb

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Feng Sway Mystery Bath bomb ~

Gorgeous Organic Bath bombs, handmade in Colorado by VITAL YOU

Made with our favorite natural and organic ingredients, along with hemp to create a soothing  and relaxing vibe ~ if you know, you know

Each bath bomb is single use but can be divided when cut!

Maximum relaxation for your mood-lit self care experience 


SLEEP- 100 MG Witch hazel infused with a sedating blend of California Poppy, Passionflower + Skullcap- helps with physical and mental exhaustion to aide in sleep problems

BREATHE- 100 MG// balsam fir, wintergreen, eucalyptus, this bomb will offer a burst of invigoration and opening to the sinuses

BALANCE- 70 MG// equal parts uplifting, earthy & sweet, and topped with cool, blue amazonite & bright, orange calendula flowers.

FLOW- 50 MG// Clary Sage, Fennel, Geranium, + Spearmint may to slightly cool the body & provide relief from cramping

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