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Pothos Live Plant

AKA Epipremnum aureum

This plant is very susceptible to either bright indirect and low indoor light conditions, making it a super easy plant to care for! They grow into a beautifully trailing vine as they mature. We recommended watering every week at least, but their recovery is very fast when watered once the soil is dry to the touch.

Neon Pothos tend to prefer lower light than the others. 

Available in 4", 6" and 8" (Width) Sizes. Neon, Variegated, or Regular.

Sway Kween Recommended Care: Bright indirect or Low Light, Water approximately every 7-10 days 

*Be Cautious! This plant is Toxic to Cats and Dogs, so use your best judgement if this is the right plant for you! We have other non toxic plant options as well.