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Naturally Scented Ritual Oils by JOAN GRAY SKINCARE

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The Perfect Gift, The Perfect Scent, THE Perfect Travel Item.

.3 Oz of Pure Joy in each Roll-on Ritual oil, Handmade by JOAN GRAY SKINCARE in Brooklyn, New York.

Comes in Three Different Scents to choose from, with a metal roller application for a cooling glide. Use as a scent, a pick me up, or as a meditation oil. Get ready to smell GOOD!

"Roll on pressure points to help relax, apply before yoga or meditation practice to help set an intention, or wear as a daily scent. It can be used as a body oil, or a face oil on cheekbones for an added glow."

PALO SANTO:  A blend of organic oils infused with our favorite tea blend of cardamom, rooibos + ginger.

ROSE: This is not your Grandma's rose. Dark rose notes are mixed with hints of Egyptian Musk + together they make the perfect everyday scent or body oil.

Jasmine: This organic blend of oils are infused with the essence of Jasmine + Patchouli. Both scents are known for their antidepressant, antiseptic + aphrodisiac properties.